SkyStopper's adjustable level

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The SkyStopper is adjustable for a range of latitudes.

There are 3 adjustable legs on the skystopper. Each leg has a stainless steel M12 shaft, in a steel tee nut under the base. The feet swivel and have non-skid bumps on them. The adjustable bubble level enables quick setup and travel to other latitudes.

The level allows you to adjust the SkyStopper for easy setup at your preferred observing location.

Here is a good description of the alignment process if you are setting up the platform for the first time: Sky & Telescope Article After you have pointed the platform north for the first time, you should adjust the level to read perfectly level, via the 3 small adjustment screws.

Next time you can simply place the SkyStopper on the ground and operate the handles to get the right altitude for the north celestial pole.

Sighting a star near the meridian and tracking it for about a minute or 2 will give you an accurate reading on how far left or right of the pole you have positioned the platform, so that an easy correction can be made (move the north end a certain amount left or right, pivoting on the apex screw)

Using the bubble level for altitude means that your alignment will be easy. Setup in twilight will be simple.