The magnetic linkage

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The SkyStopper uses a magnetic linkage to connect the base to the movable carriage on the rocker.

The linkage performs two functions:

It stops the carriage from rotating freely on the threaded shaft, holding it precisely in the plane of the pedestal.

It pulls or pushes on the carriage to cause the rocker to move precisely.

The linkage is arranged to be almost parallel to the rod. As a result, lateral wobble in the rod is cancelled geometrically, and the motion of the platform is determined only by the advancing of the carriage along the rod.

The Linkage has a profile which is thinner than the spacing between the magnets, in case it is ever accidentally caught between the pedestal and the carriage. This prevents the weight of the telescope from being exerted laterally on the rod which might bend the rod.

In case the platform is assembled and the linkage is not yet attached, there is a positive stop to prevent the platform from coming off the bearings. It is placed just beyond the normal end of travel.

The linkage is adjustable to snug down any residual play, with 2 nylon screws.

The rocker can be lifted off the base without concern for damage to the linkage, carriage or threaded shaft, because the strength of the linkage is tuned to hold firmly but let go if there's an unusual stress applied to it.

The linkage is designed to allow connection even in the dark without looking.

To connect the linkage hold it near the carriage.

The magnet will grab the carriage. If the polarity is wrong, use the other end of the linkage.

Tilt the platform until the linkage is near the pedestal.

Then tilt the linkage upwards slightly and put it near the pedestal. It will lock into place.